Tiger Bone



What Is Tiger Bone & Where Is It Sourced?

The bones of tiger are used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure many ailments, bring good luck, and said to increase virility. With the increase in affluence in Southeast Asia, tiger bone is being imported from other countries.

Why Is Tiger Bone A Problem?

The demand for tiger bone and parts is driving tigers across the globe towards extinction. The demand for these products is spreading to other countries such as India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal (home to most of
the world’s remaining wild Royal Bengal tigers), which have no tradition of using tiger parts in medicine or religion.

To supply the demand, many tigers are being raised in captivity, in pens, as cattle. In China, there are now more tigers living in farms than the estimated 3,000 remaining in the wild.

What Should I Do?

Avoid medicinal products that use tiger parts. These products are gaining popularity across the glob and acceptance alongside Western therapies. Even products that report to have tiger parts may only have trace amounts.

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